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Organizational Structure

The GEP Service was established on February 1st, 1982 to effectively administer the pension system. At its core, the role of the GEP service is to thus support the livelihood of government employees and their families by ensuring the stable operation and maintenance of all government employees’ pension-related affairs.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Number of Organization and Employees

(As of 2017)
Number of Organization and Employees
  Number of Organization Number of staff
Executive 6
Pension Division 4 Departments+ 1 Research Institution 133
Customer Division 2 Departments+ 10 Regional Offices 173
Welfare Division 3 Departments 79
Creation & Change Division 5 Departments 95
Fund Management Division 1 Division 29
Audit Department 1 Department 11
Total 4 Divisions, 16 Departments,
10 regional offices & Research Institute