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Our mission and Core Business Strategy


As specified in article 1 of the Government Employees Pension Act, the mission of the GEP Service is “to contribute to the stabilization of livelihood and enhancement of the welfare of civil servants by providing payment of pension benefits and injury compensation.” In addition, it presents the direction of its business promotion with the vision, “Innovative Management with People, Happy Life Together with Members.” Since the current CEO took office in 2018, a new strategic system was re-established through forming a taskforce team on setting up a strategy and putting together ideas from staff to achieve the objective of establishment of GEP Service and to proactively cope with the constantly changing environment. Moreover, the GEP Service established strategic goals, tasks, and detailed promotion plans in order to strengthen the link between the objective of establishment, value system, and mid/long-term management strategy, and to maximize executive ability and efficiently allocated management resources through the restructuring of organization and reassignment of human resource.

Our Mission, Vision, Strategic Target & Core values
Providing sufficient pension service to both the incumbent and the retired civil servants as well as making them devote to the public and social contribution
Vision Innovative Management with People, Happy Life Together with Members
Strategic Target
  • Providing better member support programs
  • Pursuing Social Values
  • Operating sound pension service
  • Leading and managing innovation
Core Values
  • Social Consensus
  • Pride in Civil Servants
  • Innovation