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Creating & sharing better jobs without any disadvantage on the status of employment

Implementing the revised GEPA stably Promoting an efficient operating system

Leading social value by creating Jobs as a part of the corporate strategy altogether

Creating jobs Building infrastructure
  • Making a TF team in charge of job creation
  • Seeking ways to Link with core business in the future
  • Gathering Ideas from the Public
Turning non-regular workers into regular employment
  • Achieved conversion goal of 100% (66 persons)
  • Designing equal pay system for Work of Equal Value
Creation of jobs in the private sector
Creation of 1,425 private-sector Jobs by expanding orders for Private Collaboration, Contracting, and Investment Projects
Creating of decent jobs
  • Hiring new staff based on Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, Including applicants from Non-Metropolitan Areas
  • Strengthening support for Childbirth and Childcare on workfamily balance

Providing better jobs for 1,541 candidates

50 persons
New hiring: "Blind" recruitment based on their skills and abilities
1,425 persons
Creating jobs in the private sector: Expansion of ordering new Investment Projects and linkage with core business such as social contributions from retired civil servants
66 persons
Conversion to permanent employment: Temporary or dispatched workers who are terminated their contracts in 2017

Providing a Comprehensive Injury compensation Service

Establishment of a comprehensive Injury Compensation System

By enacting the Civil Servants' Injury Compensation Act, a systematic compensation will be enhanced for injured or disabled active members in line of duty containing supports for accident prevention, compensation, rehabilitation and going back to work. The new act has also expanded the coverage of compensation not only for regular staff but also for non-regular workers in the government agencies in order to narrow the gap in working status.

Support for injured civil servants in line of duty going back to work after the Professional Rehabilitation Service

  1. Analysis of physical condition and work abilities
  2. Establishing personalized rehabilitation plans
  3. Strengthening medical rehabilitation and work capacity
  4. Assessment on return to work

Paying medical fees to the rehabilitation clinic by the GEP Service directly

Making the patients concentrate on recovery only with the ABC system

  • Accessible
    • Easy-to-understand
      • Introducing online help desk classified bby each accident
      • Holding customized explanatory meeting with civil servants to explain various cases focusing on frequent accidents in line of duty
  • Be Simple
    • Simple Procedures
      • Increasing acceptance for job-related injuries or illness with lower burden of proof by fortifying field investigation and systematic consultation with medical experts.
  • Carefree
    • No worries about medical fees
      • Introducing a direct payment system from the GEP Service to the clinic step-by-step in order to stop the wasteful process that the injured pay the hospital treatment fees first and the GEP Service refunds the fees later.

Extending pre/pro- retirement training programs

Retirement program to prepare for a healthy and worthwhile old age

Six parts of life design: change management / finance / health / work & leisure / housing / interpersonal relationships

  • Retirement of baby boomers
    • Providing the largest retirement design Programs in Korea to the senior civil servants (17,000 people ahead of the retirement)
    • Operating retirement design program for the senior civil servants ahead of 10 years from retirement step-by-step.
  • Ready for retirement
    • Preparing self-diagnostic tool for retirement
    • Opening the retirement design forum for trainers as the think of the retirement design programs

Support for retired civil servants joining social participation activities which was counted up to 30,000 times in a year

  • Education
  • Safety
  • Administration
  • Culture
  • Life & happiness
  • Overseas

Support for the retired civil servants to make their lives healthy and active by linking them to various social participation activities in which they could contribute their expertise in the fields such as education, safety and administration after making the pooling system of talented retirees

Enhancing correctness & transparency of pension administration

Introduction of Internal Checking System for better pension administration

The ICS enables staff in charge to find out factors interfering a correct and prompt daily tasks. The ICS has expanded not only to pension-administration but also to the whole area of the GEP Service including financing, housing, and financial assets management.

Introduced in 2017

  • Correctness
    • Regular inspections
    • Manager verification
  • Ethics compliance
    • Compliance monitoring
    • Monitoring of transparency & fairness

Extending the coverage of the Government Employees Pension System (GEPS) to the part-timers in civil service

In order to resolve the issue of disadvantage against part-time civil servants who were excluded from the GEPS, the GEP Service played a leading role to make a lawmakers-introduced bill containing the part-time civil servants as the new members of the GEPS, which could contribute to establish a better job environment in civil service.

Promoting inter-relations through overseas

Singing the MOU with the Off-budgetary Pension Fund in Uzbekistan to promote bilateral Exchanges in the area of pension management and construction of IT infrastructure, etc. Inviting the PT Taspen of Indonesia in order to exchange the way to provide better services for the members in each country, based on the MOU which were signed in 2017.