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Creating future growth business

Cultivating a Retirement Support Program & Customized Member Support Plan for future growth business

Providing a healthier, fulfilling life in old-age with a stable pension and a worthwhile cause

Systematically supporting the whole process from retirement design to social participation activities after retirement will help foster a fruitful old-age life with fulfilling work utilizing government employees' public service experiences

Education for Retirement Design
Enhancing old-age life preparedness of government employees by proceeding customized education for retirement design from 40’s to would-be retirees according to GEs’ life cycle
Support for social participation activities
Empower around 310,000 retirees a year to exercise public service experience and talent donation in education, ODA, etc.

A new concept of member support program through customized benefit plans for active GEs

Expanding member support program through customized alliance benefits without using pension fund on the consensus \of the general public

Amount of member support benefits for active GEs increased by 10.3 % compared to previous year (6.8 billion won, 2015 → 13.8 billion won, 2016). This was the result of providing customized alliance benefits by analyzing consumption patterns based on big data of 8 alliance credit card companies.