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Administrative Structure

The management structure of the GEPS consists of three parts: The Ministry of Personnel Management (MPM) in charge of supervision; the Government Employees Pension Service which oversees administration; and Government agencies which assist with pension services.

As the shown in the figure below, the MPM takes charge of the GEPS and supervises the activities of the GEP Service. There are three committees related to the GEPS under the control of the MPM.

The Government Employees Pension Service is responsible for overall management of the GEPS such as collecting contributions, providing pension benefits and the other employee benefits as well as fundraising. There is a committee concerning the GEPS administration under the control of the GEP Service. The board of directors is responsible for the overall policy decisions of the business regarding pension administration.

The GEP Service can manage its activities effectively with the help of government agencies from central and local governments. They collect contributions belonging to their agencies before transferring to the GEP Service and provide pension-related information of individuals of the agency where they belong. There are 1,595 agencies which have been chosen to assist the GEP Service closely.

Ministry of Personnel
(Pension & Welfare Division)

  • Revision of the Government Employees Pension Act etc.
  • Deliberation on the GE’s illness, injury or death
  • Supervision of the GEP Service
  • Designing of Government Employee Benefits
  • [Government Employees Pension Operation Committee] : Deliberation of pension system, finance projection, fund investment and the other employee benefit programs
  • [Government Employees Injury Compensation and Pension Committee] : Review of appeals against the decision of Injury Compensation and Pension Benefit Deliberation Committee
  • [Government Employees Injury Compensation Deliberation Committee] : Deliberation on the GE’s illness, injury or death while in service whether it is duty-related or not and working condition (i.e. assessment of whether the situation was dangerous or not)

Government Employees
Pension Service

  • Payment of retirement/survivor/disability benefits etc.
  • Contribution collection
  • Pension fund management
  • Provision of the other employee benefits commissioned by the MPM
  • [Board of Directors] : Deliberation and decision on important matters of the GEPS

Government Agencies
(from central and local

  • Collection of agency contributions
  • Recording individual pension-related information and
    sending to the GEP Service