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Pension Fund Management

The management of the Government Employees Pension Fund is subject to the Article 74 of the Government Employees Pension Act. The Fund Management Regulation of the GEP Service therefore outlines important matters for investment based on Article 74. Aside from general cases, this is also includes the investment portfolio of financial assets. The Regulation prescribes matters related to the whole management of the fund such as management objectives; investment policy and strategy; performance evaluation and matters not prescribed in relevant laws and regulations such as the Government Employees Pension Act and the National Finance Act. The by-laws of the GEP Service about the management and operation of the fund are legally bound to follow the Fund Management Regulation. Matters related to the management of financial assets in detail are prescribed in the Investment Policy Statement.

The Fund Management Group of the GEP Service actively utilizes various committees consisting of experts in financial and academic circles, to ensure professional risk management and to objective asset evaluation. The bodies of fund management are consisted of committees such as 「Asset Management Committee」 and 「Alternative Investment Committee」 and an internal fund management organization in charge of implementing investment policy. For risk management and performance evaluation, there are two committees, namely the 「Performance Evaluation Committee」 and 「Risk Management Committee」. As for the financial assets, the Asset Management Committee oversees and approves the asset allocation plan, thereby securing transparency and objectiveness while fully incorporating outside experts’ knowledge and knowhow.

Organizational Structure of the Pension Fund Management
(as of the end of December 2017)
  • Head of Creative Change Office
    • Risk Management Bureau
  • Fund Operation Group
  • Auditor
    • Audit Bureau
  • Asset Operation Committee (Chairman: CEO)
  • Alternative Investment Committee (Chairman: Head of the Fund Operating Group)
  • Risk Management Committee (Chairman: outside member)
  • Performance Evaluation Committee (Chairman: outside member)

Committees of the Pension Fund Operation

(As of the end of December 2017)
Committees of the Pension Fund Operation
Classification Asset Management
Real Asset Operation
Objective(Function) allocation and operation of whole assets deliberation on alternative investment allocation and operation of real assets deliberation on performance evaluation
Members Number 10 21 11 8
Chairman Head of Innovation
Management Office
Head of Asset
Management Group
Head of Welfare Office outside member