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Pension Operation

Pension Operation is the core activity provided by the GEP Service. The purpose of Pension Operation is to help government employees and their survivors maintain a stable livelihood at the end of their public service and their lives thereafter. Pension Operation consists of many activities including collecting contributions and paying various retirement benefits. The tasks of Pension Operation can be described in further detail from government employees’ entry into the civil service to retirement and /or death in chronological order as follows.

Check list of Pension Operations through the life cycle of a government employee

  • New appointment
  • Addition of military service to the term insured in civil service
  • Addition of the period of former civil service to the current term insured in civil service
  • Temporary retirement and return to office
  • Termination of paying contributions
(Paying contributions)
  • Claiming of pension or lump-sum benefits
  • Decision to pay benefits
  • Payment of benefits
  • Informing each pensioner of their retirement age
  • Reminder to employees of their right to claim pension benefits
(Receiving pensions)
  • Collection of benefits paid illegally or improperly
  • Termination of retired pension or survivors pension benefit