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The GEP Service also constructs and supplies permanent housing for GEs. For GEs who do not want to purchase homes, the GEP Service also provides leased housing as an alternative. The subsidized housing options provided by the GEP service is especially appealing to government employees. The high demand for this particular service is also advantageous for the government as it helps increase GEP funds.

Construction and Supply of Housing

Housing is constructed and supplied for GEs and pensioners who do not own houses at lower prices than those at the market. To date, the GEP Service has supplied 32,058 houses in 33 complexes including the metropolitan area since 1982.


Currently, the GEP Service leases 18,300 houses for GEs in 66 complexes nationwide including Seoul, Busan, and Daegu. The prices are around 60~80% to prices to the market. The tenancy can be up to four years, the first two years being the initial contract with the additional two years as an optional extension. For single parent households however, the lease can be extended up to six years.