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Supporting Programs for
Retired Life

This is a program for government employees to systematically prepare for their retired life in advance while in service. The programs are divided into two categories as follows.


The programs before retirement currently focus on educating GEs on retirement preparation such as future- design education and career-change education etc. For this purpose, the programs are provided differently according to the length of the remaining period of service before retirement (in 10yrs, 5yrs, and 1yr before retirement, etc.).


There are various programs provided to help GEs adjust to life after retirement such as educational courses for social participation, cultural courses, and social contribution projects. Also, the GEP service is opening the Retired Civil Servants Support Program (RCSSP) to promote volunteerism and active aging. The RCSSP program can help them to give back their experiences and talents while in civil service to society and their community. This program has been linked with 240 organizations including the Ministry of Health and Welfare, local governments, and related organizations. Currently, there are around 250 organizations of the Sangnok Volunteer Group nationwide consisting of retired government employees.